Lexus LC500 Review: GT is rare and impressive

Lexus LC500 Review GT is rare and impressive

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The Lexus LF-FC Concept returns to the show at 28. A car that represents Mark’s future vision in a startling design, well, you never expect to see the UK’s roads alongside the Porsche 911 or Jaguar F-Type.

However, just two years after this veil – and in the form of a relatively loyal design to its original concept – the Lexus LC500 is present, screaming in a completely banned Japanese style, as a car that catches everyone’s attention. In fact, if ever there was, in this case.

Not only does the Lexus LC500 appear to be pretty impressive, but thanks to the V8 engine that is naturally flat beneath the hood – many know what it’s like, how to drive and not fun.

The rarity makes this Japanese monster more beautiful to drive than a normal Porsche or jog …

A new era of design

As the first Lexus built into the company’s front-engine, rear-wheel drive system, the LC500 is the company’s flagship car.

Now, this setup is nothing new to the imagination: it is most truly a hint of a sports car and GTS, be it the premium Aston Martin DB11 or the affordable Fiat 124 Spider.

But while we were able to clear the names of the GT competitors, we didn’t see anything that looked as basic as the LC500.

This is a great piece of design – simple but complex; Attacking after self-control. Interesting yet challenging – this is a rare follow-on view.

The LC500 has a huge flowing metal grille on the fade (unfortunately not larger than the LF-FC concept), while the back has this polished, pointed luminosity that won’t look too far from where the Batmobile is.

People can’t stop looking. Take a Porsche to London and you are one of the flock. Get a Lamborghini and you’re more than a black sheep.

But behind the wheels of the LC500 is a new, inventive type.

Interior: Comfort and practicality

The feeling of the future of the LC500 will start from the moment you press the unlock key button.

The door handles of the hidden cars on the body show a stretched hand to invite you. As a passenger, just clicking on the handle will help it reappear so you can get inside.

As a classic 2 + 2 setting, the LC500 can theoretically integrate four people: two on the front, two on the back. However, rear passengers can be abrasive professionals.

We will not miss these seats when these seats disappear, similar to the design of the Audi R8 V10, and we cannot imagine that any owner will have any seats here. We just used it as a place to store the bag instead of bothering to open the shoe every time.

The main ticket in front, where the LC500 is a comfortable place to sit.

Luxury seats with all kinds of electrical modifications (including the standard Sport Luxury +) allow for ideal seat placement.

Even the steering wheel is still far from you and it goes to the driver’s position after the engine is electronically seated.

Some classic buttons make it easy to adjust the temperature inside the cabin using air conditioning, which is separate for the driver and passenger. However, in the fierce summers in the UK, we loved the cool seats as well as the hot seats. It can’t be all, can it?

Engine options: V8 Monster or V6 Hybrid

The main feature of the LC500 Sport + is the naturally aspirated V8 engine under the hood. It saves 471 horsepower through the rear wheels, making it a complete monster. It has many more benefits with high speeds of 168 miles per hour.

Thank God God knows Lexus is not abusing. According to the Audi RS5 there is no pump noise here. There is no turbo to find too much.

Just a roaring noise for these eight cylinders, combined with a 10-speed automatic gearbox that crosses the mark, but comfortably sits on its transition stages and spins for a great listening experience.

Turn the disc into Sport or Sport + mode, and the LC500 will actually come alive, leaving super high expiration positions, kicking and popping the exhaust while the power is off.

It’s in good shape, but unlocks new, less obvious skills by turning off traction control if you’re a really crazy person. If only we had time to get him on track …

However where the LC500 shows its refinement it is the balance of its power.

Yes, you can get the spotlight down very quickly – the VW Golf R or GTI seemed a bit weird when we were on our way – but when it crashes on a fast road, this Lexus is completely smooth.

At 70 mph, the sound can be heard at 30 mph, as the sound is damp on the outside, yet the acceleration is found on the treadle.

While this V8 gasoline isn’t really the only option for the LC500: There’s also a revolutionary hybrid V6 option, which combines an electric motor and a six-cylinder petrol engine, the first of its kind.

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