Kia Stinger GT S Review: Hot Korean Alternative to Basic German Props

Kia Stinger GT S Review Hot Korean Alternative to Basic German Props

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Say gently: K-A-Sting-AR G-T. No, it still looks fun.

Allow us to ridicule a name, but can you imagine entering a party and telling someone: “Yeah, I’m driving a Kia Stinger GT”?

Shows you that you are out of the top group (young readers, Google is your friend here – though it is considered sequel).

While it may be indifferent, it may not be a bad thing. All in all, Maverick and Goss were very impressive (maybe we told Rad when he came out, who knows).

And the “deflector” is a good word for the Kia Stinger GT – sampled here in the V-format of the highest-level V6 engine – providing that it takes the Kia into the world. Or, more specifically, he took on distinctive German brands.

It’s a sign of how far Kia has done. For a brand that has only been listening for 30 years, it can now be said that it beats original European brands like Ford and Vauxhall.

The Stinger GT can come up with BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Question: Do you prefer spicy kimchi or pickled cabbage?

Another crushing design

First impressions are very good. This is another popular Korean design by men designed at the agency’s German design studio who worked for Audi and the rest.

Stinger is known in the auto industry as a 4-door coupe. It’s available from the Mercedes CLS, offering a sporty roof line (like the coupe) but with the practical benefit of a 4-door saloon.

It is larger, with a length of 4.8 meters. Larger than the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4 but slightly smaller than the 5 Series or A6. Its closest competitors could be called the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe.

But then Kia is a bit bigger than all of them, and the specifications are a bit lower in comparison to the specifications.

Stinger’s suggestion is very simple: Are you ready to trade the keys to standard luxury equipment for your luxury German car, compact diesel engine, and larger, better-equipped Kia cars? Based on this suggestion alone, you should say it.

While the 4-Series or the A5 Sportback Edition was handsome, they sat in the street so that it could barely s

To make it look just right, you’ll have to spend extra – in the M-Sport / S-Line cutting equations, al-large wheels and gentle shades of metallic paint will cost you dearly – while our Stinger GT S looks painted, for $ 40,535.

The only option in our test car is the High-Chroma Red Metal Coating (for $ 645).

Everything is standard

In fact, the standard specifications that you see in our photos are the standard specifications.

In this top-line model, the options of your options are limited to the color scheme and a few distinct accessories.

Yes, for Kia, you may be worried about spending 40,000,000. Before leaving, however, it’s like checking the spot sheet and comparing it to something.

You can find Napa leather, head-up display (HUD), brake toggle button, powered boot cover, adaptive cruise control and auxiliary high beam in 19-inch alloy wheels and LED headlights, pixel grills and adjustable / electrically cooled seats, Independent Independent , Blind Warning System, 360 ° Smart Vision Camera, Harmon / Cardon Stereo 16 Speakers, Kiwis Yaralesa charging, 8 “touch-screen navigation system (TomTom traffic information and camera supply) and karaple Apple and Android Auto.

While we’re testing the top model here, most of them are standard things in the set. So you get really noisy with this car.

Size is nothing at all

However size is not everything. Emissions are very important. Yes, you can buy a 2.2 Stinger GT from diesel, and it probably should, because it starts at around £ 5 and produces 5 grams of CO2 / km, which means you’ll get a nice company car that’s a The Germans carry far more equipment than they purchase.

However, this is not what we test here. The GT S engine has a 3.3-liter V6 engine, which makes a 365-horsepower engine and the 225g CO2 / km looks embarrassing.

This means that unless you cancel your company’s car planner subscription, it will never make sense because you will be taxed on death.

However, if you purchase in person, the GT S is really fun to drive.

The 5৩ BHP is definitely more, and the Kia puts its power on the road through the rear wheel and 8-speed auto trunk. Providing as a result is almost entertaining.

After getting started, it sounds a bit rough, with a bit of a spin boom, then you emit a notch while you’re on the road.

And the energy you are applying, the nose of the car lifted up and the feeling of the back pressing a bit while applying all these forces.

Never need a sensor, as if you were driving a good, good boat (it looks like this during our rain test week).

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