How Octopus Energy review: should you switch

How Octopus Energy review should you switch

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When Greg Jackson founded Green Power Supply Octopus Energy, he wanted to become more green, but cheaper.

He grew up in a single-income family and knew the pressures of high-service bills.

Three years later, he sits at the head of an organization that sells in the UK at cheap prices, which supply 100% of green energy at home.

The octopus is 100% green energy. All electricity comes from 100% renewable sources such as sun, wind and water. And although the company does not supply green gas for the price of coffee, Octopus will offset all the natural gas you use in your home and all the carbon emissions produced in both production and consumption.

How? By recycling and preserving Amazon’s vast territories, the UK works with renewable world charities to bring renewable fuel technology to fuel poor populations around the world.

Octopus buys energy from solar power sites – and its parent company, Octopus Group, the UK’s largest investor in solar farms – and matches everything renewable with a renewable energy guarantee certificate.

The company is also looking forward to the future. Agile octopus tariffs allow customers to access half-an-hour energy prices based on the wholesale fuel market at that time.

Prices are updated daily: Customers get a separate unit for the next 24 hours and a half hours at 5pm. This means that if prices are the least expensive that day, they can maximize their energy use.

An average of 7.7 kWh of electricity and 2.5 pence for gas, Octopus’s lowest tariff is the lowest in the market.

It is one of the cheapest green energy suppliers. (You can see the details of the octopus definition for your region here)) The companies we reviewed come in at less than a kilowatt-hour for just one bulb of gas and electricity. The daily fixed fee for the bulb bulb is even higher, reaching around 4p for gas.

Octopus does not charge fines for going elsewhere, and if it is for years, there is no indirect loyalty penalty.

The supplier offers a power switch guarantee, which guarantees a reliable and hassle-free key within 21 days, and you get a $ 50 reward if you refer a friend.

There are four main octopus definitions to choose from: 12-month fixed, 24-month fixed, moving tracker and Super Green, which offset the gas.

There are many specialized definitions for octopus electricians, including drivers designed for electric cars. All definitions depend on your postal code and usage, and the timing of use in the case of Octopus Agril.

Octopus customers will be able to talk to the company via phone, email and Facebook Messenger. Also, this is the only energy company in the market where you can talk to your boss.

Every day, Jackson spends time answering customer inquiries. When ordered by T3 Magazine, the octopus was picked up within nine seconds.

Has the octopus been a force? TrustPilot has a huge five-star rating for two consecutive years, with 92% rating given by over 17,000 reviewers.

Users consistently appreciate the company’s transparent information, easy-to-use, and fast customer service.

The Octopus Energy UK Employee Experience Award also received the Best of Work Award in 2019, and at the 2019 UK Renewable Energy Awards, Octopus was awarded the company that has worked the most to develop renewable energy sources in the UK.

All of this explains how Octopus Energy has gone from zero to 1.2 million customers in less than three years.

Not all customers need a smart meter, but Octopus offers installation services for anyone who wants it.

It has many fancy definitions that work with smart meters with Octopus Go to get your electric car at night and at the lowest price possible.

When Octopus blew up the fuel market in 2016, the company was cheap, free, and green.

Currently, it is one of the cheapest green energy suppliers around them; Consistently good customer reviews and multiple industry awards speak in their favor.

The company will not ship green gas to your home, but it will offset all carbon emissions from the natural gas it provides. Yes, you should switch to octopus energy.

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