Hori Horipad for Nintendo Switch

Hori Horipad for Nintendo Switch

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Hori is famous for arcade-style combat sticks, but it also produces a variety of consoles and gaming accessories.

The Haripad is a wired console of the Nintendo Switch game, designed to look like a pro-wireless console at first, but cost more than $ 29.99 to maintain.

It’s comfortable for 3D games thanks to its responsive and durable analog sticks, but it does make some design features and important features just bypassed.

Looks like a pro controller

The Harpad is very similar to the Switch Pro controller, with a large black plastic shell with a rounded edge and prominent “wings” for fixing.

The Harpad does not exceed three times the weight of the Switch Pro controller by triple 6.৪ ounces (without cable) without a battery, speed sensor or notification motor. Although light in weight, the Gamepad is still sturdy and durable in hand.

The controls are located symmetrically with the Switch Pro controller by moving the right and left analog sticks vertically from one to another in an Xbox style configuration.

The A / B / X / Y face buttons are large and distinct on the top right of the right analog stick, while the directional panel sits to the right of the stick.

Plus and minus buttons are actually colored like plus and minus icons, like the Joy-Cons, instead of decorative round buttons like the console, and the bottom home and capture buttons on the left analog stick and face buttons.

An additional turbo button is located beneath the Home and Capture buttons, causing the flip buttons to fire faster. The L / R / ZL / ZR shoulder buttons are big, responsive and feel comfortable beneath your scales.

The trend board is one of the most memorable and frustrating aspects of the Harpad. This is not a physical steering board that is included in the console as a Switch Pro controller. Instead it is a plastic disc with a colored directional pad with four directional buttons similar to Joy-Con on the left side of the switch.

Since it is a plastic cap that sits on top of the buttons instead of running in direct directions, it looks more flexible and less responsive than the Pro controller guide plate.

You can remove the cap and only use the buttons, but it is unresponsive like an extra solid directional panel. When the cap is not in use, it fits into the hole at the bottom of the console.

The 10-foot cable is powered from the top of the harpad as it will be the USB-C charging port for the Pro console. This cable ends up connecting the upper ports of the switch dock to the USB connector.

Because the Haripad is wired, it can only be used to switch to dock mode or otherwise be connected to a compatible hub or USB-to-C adapter.

Works with Haripad PCs as well, but not as much as an output console like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming platforms.

This means you have to tinker with some game settings to make the Herpad work with the computer game (though the option to control the Switch Pro in Steam’s large image mode helps with some games played with Swim). Turbo functions do not work with computers.

Good for 3D, not for 2D

Ergonomic analog sticks, flip buttons, and trigger 3D games make it an easy “switch” to play with the Harpad.

I’ve tried it with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and I can easily attack objects with tactics, collecting items and controlling them.

The dashboard buttons did a good job of stimulating my hunting art and they were responsive in that direction. Most importantly, the face buttons and triggers were responsive.

2D games aren’t quite comfortable with the Harpad. The directional pillow cover feels a huge sponge, and especially the unresponsive and the directional buttons underneath it are less comfortable to press than the directional buttons on the left win-con.

I’ve played with it a few dead cells, and while practicing the first level efficiently, I didn’t mind playing the game with Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Cons.

Budget-friendly gamepad switch

Harry’s Harpad is a Nintendo Switch capable wired controller that provides a pro-like feel for less than half the price.

But the individual directional pads aren’t nearly as dissatisfied as the Integrated Pro Controller panel, and the buttons on the comfortable side aren’t quite as comfortable as the Joy-Con.

If you need fixes for non-side switch games and need a great traditional swing console, this is a good solution, if you want to use a retro platform, you are lacking a bit.

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