BMW i3 Review: Living with the ultimate electric vehicle

BMW i3 Review Living with the ultimate electric vehicle

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Putting Your Money Where You Are: This is a review of our BMW i3. Yes, Pocket-Lint came out and bought an electric car several months ago.

As a true review – focusing on the good and bad points – think of this coverage.

BMW introduced the ‘i’ sub-mark on the i20, the i3 became the first car in the range (the supercar came after the i8).

The i3 is a four-seat car, a four-door city, less than four meters in length, looks unusual and is marked by a set of “Suicide Doors” on each side (essentially, the tailgate stops back so that they open from the rear to the focal point and none. B- column).

However, the big departure from the latest version of the i3 is that BMW has increased battery capacity at the end of 2016 for extended range (66aH / 23kWh to 94aH / 33kWh).

Until now, BMW has been updating the i3 again for a wider range. But apart from the more powerful ‘S’ model being added to the collection, the changes and what the company has made are subtle and cosmetic.

The big question: is the latest BMW i8 a go-all electric?

Get control with EV battery number

What do these letters and battery numbers mean? There are two main metrics, including electronic cars. The first is the size of the battery – usually, as mentioned in the battery pack, in kilowatt hours – and generally the higher the number you can go.

For example, the Tesla Model SP 100D has a 100kWh battery pack, while the Jaguar i-Pace has a 90kW beam with its highest capacity.

The nearest competitor to the i3 is the new Nissan Page (with a 40kWh hour package) with i8 battery, which may look a bit shiny compared to the 5kWh, but due to its official rating on the European driving bike test, the range is reported to be 300km / 186 miles. .

BMW quickly qualified it in its news materials which states that the range of a realistic customer can be 200 km / 124 miles. We have trouble flying this way: In summer, no problem is fully 120 miles away. In winter, 100 miles can be a challenge.

The second mechanism to consider in electric cars is the electric motor’s power output, which combines the horsepower produced by conventional internal combustion engines.

The i3’s 125kW electric motor translates to about 170hp. This means that for the carbon and aluminum fiber, this electric car is rarely felt slow because of its weight of 1,300 kg.

It runs at 0-62mph speed of 6.9 seconds, which is a competition for the VW Golf GTI. In cities, where such speeds are rarely available, the i3 can achieve the best performance at 40 miles per hour from the BMW M3.

There are two types of i3s available: an extended range model (commonly known as the Rex), which swept the battery with two small cylinder petrol engines at the bottom of the boot floor, increasing the vehicle’s range by almost 100 miles; Or the pure electronic model, which we reviewed here.

Do the math electronic car

We have been strong advocates of electric cars, but we are not blind to the limitations and concerns of many people about jumping from a petrol or diesel car to a pure electric car.

Therefore, as you will notice through the number pad, our car is not new. We waited several months and in winter and summer, the car survived for thousands of miles to create the original image in the rain or sunlight.

Out of battery range, one of the major obstacles that stop electric cars is that they are expensive. Or as seen. The base i3 was £ 33,070. Since this is a BMW we felt the need to add some options to improve it.

As with any BMW, you can enjoy the options and quickly finish with an i3 £ 45k.

But the i3 is relatively standard as well: you get navigation system, BMW attached drive range, the ability to control key functions through the app as well as hot seats, DAB, Bluetooth, USB ports, foldable mirrors, air conditioning, system cruise control, airbag sets and And much more.

For our own cars, we added Protonic Blue Metallic Paint (£ 530) and an exotic eDrive sound ($ 85) because we were afraid people wouldn’t come to us. The two biggest options were the Sports Package ($ 1700) and the Lodge World Package ($ 1500).

The Sporty package is made with 19-inch turbine ingots, sunscreen, LED lamps and the Harmon Cardon sound system. If you want to get a decent stereo from the outside and something more appealing, this is well worth the asking price.

The interior package adds a hood and leather to the wool fleece as well as a suede cover, a white arrangement for the wheel and dashboard, and a piece of Eucalyptus wood. Overkill? Maybe.

But the bigger picture with the i3 is that BMW really worked on the durability aspects of all the substances. For example, leather is tanned with vegetables and it is more environmentally friendly than ordinary tanning skin.

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