8 bitdo DIY mode kit for the classic SNES controller

8 bitdo DIY mode kit for the classic SNES controller

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Game controls go a long way from the 8-bit era, but there is something satisfying about classic game consoles in the early 1990s.

The rectangular NES and dog bones from the SNES consoles are simple, practical, and incredibly durable. Of course, they are wired controllers that require an adapter if you want to use them with a modern system.

You can use NES Classic, SNES Classic Edition and old-school consoles with more modern connectors, but they are still wired.

You can also use the classic wireless controller like the SN30 8 Bido. 8Bido has one more solution and it lets you take on new life on old and neglected game boards.

The 8Bitdo DIY Mode Kit is a set of tools for modifying basic or classic controls.

It’s cheap ($ 19.99), easy to install, and can convert an 8 or 16 bit game board into a Bluetooth controller like the SN30.

8BitDo offers modes kits for both the original and classic versions of the NES and SNES controllers, as well as a three-button Sega Mega Drive / Genesis control kit. We tried the mode kit in the SNES Classic Edition gameplay.

Everything except the regulator

With each change tool comes a new printed circuit board (PCB) that acts as the mastermind of the game brain. It contains all the circuits from the controller. Everything outside is just a plastic shell

Console buttons are not even mechanically operated buttons, as you would find with any mouse or keyboard; They are simply conductive foamy plastic shapes that close different circles on the PCB, sending a signal through the board to your gaming device and pressing the button.

Each PCB includes a rechargeable battery attached. Each kit comes with a Philips mini USB cable and a screwdriver the size of the console you are adjusting. This is necessary to adjust your controller without the console itself.


The process of change is very simple. You don’t need to solder anything, even plug it into a socket.

All you have to do is remove the five screws left behind with the included screwdriver, pull out the PCB and the connected wires, and open the console by ting the PCB to the mode set.

Each panel is pre-drilled with holes that match the functions inside the console cover, and the correct direction fits securely when properly aligned (the side of the board with tight pads should face the side of the control shell button).

The SNES mode kit panels have two more small panels attached to the main piece by the cables. This slide has slots underneath the shoulder buttons.

After placing the motherboard, and if possible, the button panels on the shoulders are in place, the last step is to put the included LED indicator into the slot that the control cable was previously mounted on. When you’re done, tie the back half of the console cover to the front half and place a modified control panel.

You need to recharge the internal battery with the included USB cable, which ends up in a very narrow barrel connector plugged into an LED indicator port installed in the slot of the gamepad cable.

The PCB itself has a micro USB port and can also charge directly from the game board, but you will have to open it again to access it.

Since the mod kit package is a simple cardboard box, you can easily pack it off by any means, for charging cable and instruction card you should keep it; You don’t want to lose any of them.

Works with computers and switches

Like the 8Bitto pre-built wireless gaming device, the console can work with classic gaming systems with PCs, Macs, Android devices, Nintendo Switch and Bluetooth 8Bitdo receivers.

When you press the “Start” button to place the modified game pad in Mac, Android, Switch or PC mode, press and hold the A, B, Y and X buttons, it acts as the right kind of input device for whatever you want to use.

I tested the modified SNES console using both PC and Nintendo adapters, following the startup and pairing instructions to keep the game board in the correct position. It is fully integrated with both devices without any connection issues.

He played the role of Dactels from the Disney Afternoon set on the computer and he has done very well.

Putting the game board in PC mode by pressing X and pressing Start will act as an XINput device that appears as an Xbox One or Xbox One console for modern Windows computers.

I navigated the menus and started attacking skeletal ducks using my stalk in Transylvania without any problems, and the SNES instructional pads and buttons made the process feel comfortable and comfortable.

I also played the Mega Man X Legacy Collection on the keyboard with the modified gamepad. It was simply added to the switch control menu and it works just as it was supposed to.

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